Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.”
– Samuel Beckett

O Brother, Where Art Thou?

So I haven’t posted anything in quite some time I know, but I’ve been super busy and being completely honest I wasn’t in the humour for writing as there wasn’t a whole lot to say starting into 2017. After keeping things reasonably in check for most of 2016 things (as the usually do with me) spiralled out of control toward the end of the year and especially over the Christmas silly season period and I ended up starting the new year at the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life (just under 16 stone of soft pizza dough and beer) so how could I even try and write anything about being healthy when I was being anything but myself?

Old Faithful

Whole 30 before and after January 2017I didn’t want to do the usual “new year, new me” thing and post a load of
crap saying I was going to do this and do that because the truth is I was so out of shape I didn’t know what I was going to do, or how long I would last.

One the 9th of Jan I decided to start another paleo Whole30, anyone who knows me or follows these posts at al will know I follow a mostly paleo lifestyle anyway (minus the beer and wings blowouts) but the Whole30 program which has become my go to nutrition plan to get me back on track is a proper body reset not just in terms of trying to lose weight but in resetting your mindset toward food in general getting you back in the habit of cooking and also with all the other added benefits: More energy, it improves the function of your digestive system, much more focus and productivity in your day-to-day life, better sleep, and it leaves you with a much more positive outlook in general to name a few.

The program took me up to the beginning of February and while the results weren’t as visibly impressive as previous attempts it just proved to show how much I’d let myself go. I didn’t let it get to me for too long though, I’d still managed to drop nearly a stone in the 4 weeks and I was feeling great for it. I’d changed gym and got back to work with my PT and for the first time in months was actually enjoying training again (result!).

The Biggest Win

It’s now into March and things are still going great, I’ve gone from well over 20% body-fat after Christmas to low teens closing in on single digits for the first time in about 3 years. It hasn’t been easy, my nutrition program has been super strict and at times really challenging trying to find the energy to power my gym sessions. Calories are low, Cardio is high and the weights sessions are intense (a mix of giant sets and Kris Gethin’s DTP protocol).

Body fat measurements(I didn’t start getting my measurements taken until the end of January but by this stage I had already dropped over half a stone since the start of the year)

I did stray off track recently and had my first proper cheat meal of the year and while it may not have been part of the plan, for my sanity it was essential and has given me the motivation to get back to work after a week or so of feeling like giving up. I have to say I have a new found respect for all those fit people out there that do this shit to compete year in year out because it can get dark and finding the motivation to keep going and stay on track and bust that cardio session out post workout when all you want is to gorge on pizza is not easy!

If like me you struggle with motivation to keep going at times check out this video by Eric Thomas, I have actually dowloaded most of his speeches to my phone and play them in the gym when I need a lift, powerful stuff!