If you’re going through hell, keep going.”
– Winston Churchill

Days 9 – 10

Not much changes here, cravings were still rampant. Sleep wasn’t great as I was waking up to go to the toilet a lot and the sugar withdrawal still has me wrecked throughout the day.


Despite feeling like falling asleep in my seat work was actually the easiest part of the day as I’m kept preoccupied from thinking about food, well… with the exception of lunch time when my colleagues all head off for Burger King, KFC, Chinese food or anything else that sounds incredible that I can’t have right now! …Fuck those guys.

Training was difficult, I actually had to leave the second half of my workout and go home early as the little energy I had was completely spent after training legs to the point where I had to flop on a bench in case I momentarily passed out.

Days 11 – 13

Woke up on Friday (and every day since!) before my alarm, wasn’t sure whether this was a sign everything was finally falling into place or if this was going to be some cruel way of getting me up earlier so I could be twice as tired later. I needn’t have been so suspicious, for the first time since I began the Whole30 program I actually felt good. Friday actually proved to be a great, productive day, training went well, I finished up some work I had going on and found somebody to move into my apartment. Positivity… result!

More of same energy over the weekend, waking up early on the weekend is usually unheard of for me (I can sleep in until 3pm if left alone in a dark room) but I was up before 9 and over to the gym and got some work done all before lunch. Despite all the good stuff that comes with eating well, the weekend was testing yet again. I miss carbs and sugar. While I’m kept busy during the week with all the free time at the weekend I still crave pizza, jellies, ice-cream and everything in between when I find myself idle. It’s especially hard at night when I’m sat at home watching TV wishing I was out and about like everybody else. Tea and coffee consumption has gone through the roof to give me something to do as well as hammering a tub of cashew nut butter in the space of two days (it could easily have been 1).

Days 14 – 15

Half way through the program, the start of a new week and feeling rather good about myself. I was actually looking forward to work to get me back into the routine and take my mind off all the food again though. The mind plays a really important role in all of this, it’s mad how much nutrition and lifestyle can affect your whole mindset and outlook on things. A few days ago I was lethargic and feeling kind of down, two weeks of clean living though and things are genuinely firing on all cylinders, loads of plans being made, ideas being put into practice, more money in my pocket and feeling better about things in general.

My fitness still needs lots of work but it’s definitely improving and I’m starting to feel a lot better for it. It’s easy to see when I’m feeling like this that the sessions (as much as I love them) and poor diet lead to cloudy judgement and sluggish behaviour. It’s really true, as the old cliché goes “you are what you eat”. When you’re putting the right stuff into your engine it runs as it’s designed to but if you go putting diesel in a petrol tank it’s only going to end in disaster. That being said I know I’m only 1 night out away from deep fried food and sugar but the aim is to keep it in moderation going forward not to abstain forever.

Progress update: Nothing too noticeable this week, I haven’t weighed myself once since I started (or in a long time before that) I’m more concerned about visible changes than numbers. I can tell my face has thinned back to normal so good riddance to the second chin I was sporting. The last two weeks are when the magic happens though, or at least they were last time. My body should know by now that the carbs and sugar aren’t coming and should begin eating into fat stores for energy instead so with some decent training and an increase in cardio (not hard because its currently none ha) I should see some decent changes by the end of all this.